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About Study Improve Grades

Every student has a different way of learning and working which can be optimized only with an effective study skill. On comparing two students what we get to know is that one student has the ability to grasp the significance of good study skills. But the other is confused as he doesn’t know from where to start. This becomes the reason for the difference in their results.

There are certain things that we need to correct first before improving study skills of the students. This includes the sources of distraction that divert their minds. It is very much in our notice today that the new technologies and advancement of gadgets have taken the first position in the lives of students. The best example of this is cell phones and iPods. These gadgets serve as the perfect way to turn away the minds of the students from their obligation of studies.

Teachers complain that the study habits of the students are not good and effective enough. This is very much clear from the results of the first test of the school year. Every parent has a wish for their son/daughter to earn an A+ in every class. But have they ever tried out an effective study planning for their child?

1. While reading a particular text book, write notes about important points for proper understanding. Go through the notes everyday as this will help you to keep the topic fresh in mind.

2. Create study skill activities to be used on weekly basis. For example have a weekly session where you write down important facts that you have learnt that week, using your memory alone.

3. Give some extra time to thee subject you are weak at and don’t miss out testing your self every week on that subject particularly.

4. Don’t allow test anxiety to crawl into your emotions. Reduce it by spending more time preparing for each of your tests. At least keep five days of preparation time for these tests.

5. There is one very big problem with the students and that is of being reluctant to ask questions from teachers when they don’t understand any topic. You should keep in mind that approaching the teacher will give you even a better understanding of the topic. Don’t feel shy to do so.