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Dav Public School

Keep up yourself. Do not try to discover everything about arithmetic in one day. Find a subject you would like to cover and become specialist on, like measurement or plot diagrams. Study maths at the suitable grade level from any of the top 10 schools in Delhi. Looking for the term ‘mean and average’ on Bing is not fine. Find a good arithmetic book or math website for your age. Try some rehearsal problems. After you think you know the lesson, find a few problems with answers. Work them out and see if you get the right solution. Do not utilize a calculator unless you are asked to. Check your solution. If you got them accurate, move on. If you got them off beam, see where you made the error. Get outside help. After understanding the lesson, doing sample problems, and checking your answers, check with someone who is very educated in arithmetic (math tutor is a good example). See if your notes are correct and what you need to recognize.

Train your recollection ability. Each time you study a new formula that tells you how to calculate one quantity in terms of other quantities, get a buddy to arbitrarily pick one of the formulae you beforehand learned at DAV public school and explain it and then put up with the monotony of struggling to retain information about what the formula was until whichever comes first of you getting it accurate or 4 hours going by without ever seeing inside the book to see what the procedure was during those 4 hours. Each occasion you do that, you will make yourself superior at extracting weaker reminiscences back into your awareness making it easier to learn formulae in the future.