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Law School Advice


In terms of preparation, as with most subjects relevant to law school, procrastination is the enemy. Law school students should take care to complete assigned reading prior to class. Failing to do so will result in immediate embarrassment and potential failure. Catching up once behind on reading assignments is virtually impossible considering the volume of required reading. Students should also bear in mind that active reading increases the benefits gained from the reading. Active reading includes note-taking and ensuring an engagement with the text. Reading late at night, while lying down, or in other situations without active engagement benefits the reader little. Prior to class, students may review notes taken during reading to prepare themselves for the topics to be discussed.


Many think attendance is simply showing up. However, attending class goes well beyond a posterior planted in position. Attendance means active engagement including notes being annotated, questions asked, responses given. Paying attention during law school lectures is essential. Surprisingly, many students surf the web, play computer games, and otherwise disengage from the class lecture rather than paying attention. Considering the costs and potential benefits of law school, students would do well to pay attention and actively participate during classes.

Review and Practice

Law school students should complete their own work and study tools. While this concept may seem like common sense, using tools from more senior students or purchased tools can be quite tempting when considering the work volume law students face. Outlines from other sources may be useful. However, if used, they should be annotated by the student. This annotation will increase the likelihood that the student will learn the material and ensure that the material studied is relevant to the class in question.