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Online Graduate School

Slow Down

For a lot of students that are about to finish their bachelor’s degree, graduate school has probably crossed more than one mind. But before you apply, make sure that the field you are going into actually needs a master’s degree. Graduate school is difficult and oftentimes VERY different from the undergraduate experience. There is more specialized work involved and a lot of graduate students have to student-teach as part of their education. Many students have to go to graduate school part-time in order to keep a full-time job to support themselves and/or their family.

Is It Necessary?

Additionally, be sure to evaluate if work experience is more valued than a degree in the field that you want to be in. The fact is many careers and field do not require the applicant to have a master’s degree. In some cases, the applicant might run the risk of being overqualified for a job. So before you apply research into your career option and see what is preferable and what is common. It might be more beneficial for you to start working your way up the “ladder” immediately instead of going to school right away and not earning that experience that is so valued.


The cost of a higher education is rising every year. Be realistic about the costs of your undergraduate and subsequent graduate degree in loan repayments. While there are millions of dollars in grants and scholarships available to students, the recent cuts in higher education will force many graduate students and potential applicants to shoulder more of the tuition load. A lot of graduate programs employ their students as student-teachers in freshman classes and give them a stipend. Other graduate students help professors in research. But with many departments downsizing or closing completely, these opportunities are going to diminish as well.